Our Vision

Our vision is to excel in providing services for families with young children. We will proactively work alongside other organisations to ensure that the diverse and changing needs of our community are met

Our mission is a commitment to provide a welcoming environment which encourages people to:
•    develop friendships
•    extend their support networks
•    exchange their ideas
•    Access occasional childcare and
•    involve themselves more fully in community life and decision making

Values:   The shared values that are integral to the way the centre is managed and operates day-to-day are;

1.  We are welcoming, warm, caring and friendly and seek to create a fun, vital and stimulating environment;
2.  We are receptive and understanding of the community needs and provide a responsive and quality service;
3.  As a team of professional and committed staff we are efficient, skilled and focused;
4.  We are family friendly, socially inclusive, and open and accepting of all.